Bandit News – Uniforms Changed

Greetings Brothers,

The uniforms has changed due to similar looks of The Rangers of Club Penguin Rewritten. If you don’t know how they’re similar is, they have the Red Letterman Jacket, Red Cap, and The Red Guitar. I feel like this is going to be an easy misconception when we battle each other in wars or tournaments.


Weekly Recap – Club Penguin Rewritten Database Breached

Greetings Brothers,

On April 14th 2017, The Club Penguin Rewritten database got breached by hackers. The attack might be coming from Virtual Penguin due to one reddit post made on the subreddit /r/ClubPenguin.

Mascots were also hacked during the attack. Down below shows a example of it.

The game was down for several days just to make some changes to ensure that this attack would not happen again in the future.

During the time the post was being made, Club Penguin Rewritten was down but it is now back up. It is recommended to change your passwords As Soon As Possible [ASAP].

Welcome Thugs of CP and Rebel Penguin Federation!

Greetings leaders of Thugs, and The Rebel Penguin Federation,

The Brothers are pleased to see you guys moving into The Club Penguin Rewritten Army Community from The Club Penguin Army Community.

The Bandit Brothers is meant to be a recreation of Club Penguin Armies which is why Capemaster created this army.

The Brothers wishes you guys good luck in the future!