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Rewritten Blogs #10 – Medievil Quest #1 Walkthrough [3/3]

Greetings Brothers,

This is a guide forΒ the first quest. There are total of THREE MEDIEVAL QUESTS during the party. You can check the guide out for those other two here:

The first stage is you’ve to light up all the bulbs in the room in order to move on to the next one by clicking on the button that activates the bulb.

rewrittenblogs - 1

The second stage you’ve to hit 50 Targets in order to move to the next room.

rewrittenblogs - 2

The third stage is the maze stage. Down below is the picture you’ll need when trying to finish the maze itself.

rewrittenblogs - 4

rewrittenblogs - 3

You’re now done with the whole quest. Enjoy the free items you’ve recieved!

Rewritten Blogs #11 – The Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project!

Greetings Brothers,

Recently Club Penguin Rewritten was down for about a few minutes. With that, The Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement has launched. CPRIP is an test server where it’s players can find glitches to report it to the Developers of Club Penguin Rewritten. The test will last for couple of days just like the original Club Penguin Improvement Project [CPIP].

The following items you earn during the test WILL NOT BE SAVED after the testing has ended.

  1. Go toΒ https://www.authorized.clubpenguinrewritten.pw/ and click on the eye scanner.

cpripblog - 1

2. Click on “More Info” under “Server Test.” You might have to clear your cache before doing this to avoid getting the “Comming Soon” message.

cpripblog - 2

3. Enter your Penguin Name and Penguin Password you used to login to the original game.

cpripblog - 3

4. After you’ve done that, click “Test Now”. You will be redirected to the testing site.

cpripblog - 4cpripblog - 5

And there you’ve done it, enjoy your Red Hardhat on Club Penguin Rewritten!

cpripblog - 6

Rewritten Blogs #10 – Medievil Quest #2 Walkthrough [2/3]

Greetings Brothers,

The Medievil Party recently started on May 10th, 2017. For those you need help with the Three Quests, this guide will help you with the walkthrough of it. This is Quest #2.

The first stage you’ve to put out the fires by throwing snowballsΒ in order to move on to the next one. To throw snowballs, press the letter “T” on your keyboard or pressing the snowball icon down located in the chat bar.

rewrittenblogs - 1

The second stage is where you’ve to solve the puzzle to get the key to the designated spot by moving the key.

rewrittenblogs - 2.PNG


After you’ve completed the puzzle in the second stage, you’ll have to throw the snowballs in the bucket until it fills up with water. After that, press the button on the wooden water cannon. You will have to repeat the process several times until the gate to the exit stage opens.

rewrittenblogs - 3.PNG

And you’ve now completed the second quest.


Rewritten Blogs #9 – Medivel Part Quest #3 [1/3]

Greetings Brothers,

The Medievil Party has recently just begun. If you head to the Pool, which is located in The Plaza, you will see three quests. This is a walk-through for Quest #3, which is located next to the ladder to The Plaza.

The first stage you willΒ find the designated pearls ranging from Red, Blue and Yellow three times to move on to the next one.

rewrittenblogs - 1

The second stage you have two find which cloIt goes from Red –> Blue –> Yellow, an you’ve completed the puzzle.

rewrittenblogs - 2

The last stage is where you have to fight the three Dragons [Also Known As The Three Hydras].

rewrittenblogs - 4.PNG

And there, you have now completed the third quest.Β Even though the third quest is harder than those two quests.

The Brothers declared as “Refugees”


This term hasn’t been in the original Club Penguin Armies since there were tons of servers to claim until The Club Penguin Rewritten Era.

So, what is an “Refugee Army” you ask? An Refugee Army in my terms, is an armyΒ that is currently active, but has no territory claimed.

As the current time, The Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central lend us a server to train on until Club Penguin Rewritten has more servers added in the future.

The server is Alpine.


Brother Events – Training on Alpine


The Brothers doesn’tΒ own Alpine, The Cryptic Spies [CS] owns Alpine. This server is also home for Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central [CPRAC] They host events on this server just like Club Penguin Army Central [CPAC].

Overall, we had decent tactics, and a average sizeΒ of 3, and just about hit the sizes of 4 at the final tactic. Here are the event pictures for the event:





Rewritten Blogs #7 – World Penguin Day Code + Pizza Pin

Greetings Brothers

On April 25th 2017, it was World Penguin Day. In celebration of World Penguin Day, The Club Penguin Rewritten Team has released yet another new code. This new code gives you a hoodie and 1000 coins.




Plus, a new pin was also released during this weekend. The pin is called the “Pizza Pin”. This pin can be easily be found in The Pizza Parlor where The Stage and The Pet Shop is located at.


Bandit News – Uniforms Changed

Greetings Brothers,

The uniforms has changed due to similar looks of The Rangers of Club Penguin Rewritten. If you don’t know how they’re similar is, they have the Red Letterman Jacket, Red Cap, and The Red Guitar. I feel like this is going to be an easy misconception when we battle each other in wars or tournaments.