Rewritten Blogs #10 – Medievil Quest #1 Walkthrough [3/3]

Greetings Brothers,

This is a guide for the first quest. There are total of THREE MEDIEVAL QUESTS during the party. You can check the guide out for those other two here:

The first stage is you’ve to light up all the bulbs in the room in order to move on to the next one by clicking on the button that activates the bulb.

rewrittenblogs - 1

The second stage you’ve to hit 50 Targets in order to move to the next room.

rewrittenblogs - 2

The third stage is the maze stage. Down below is the picture you’ll need when trying to finish the maze itself.

rewrittenblogs - 4

rewrittenblogs - 3

You’re now done with the whole quest. Enjoy the free items you’ve recieved!

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