Rewritten Blogs #11 – The Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project!

Greetings Brothers,

Recently Club Penguin Rewritten was down for about a few minutes. With that, The Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement has launched. CPRIP is an test server where it’s players can find glitches to report it to the Developers of Club Penguin Rewritten. The test will last for couple of days just like the original Club Penguin Improvement Project [CPIP].

The following items you earn during the test WILL NOT BE SAVED after the testing has ended.

  1. Go toΒ and click on the eye scanner.

cpripblog - 1

2. Click on “More Info” under “Server Test.” You might have to clear your cache before doing this to avoid getting the “Comming Soon” message.

cpripblog - 2

3. Enter your Penguin Name and Penguin Password you used to login to the original game.

cpripblog - 3

4. After you’ve done that, click “Test Now”. You will be redirected to the testing site.

cpripblog - 4cpripblog - 5

And there you’ve done it, enjoy your Red Hardhat on Club Penguin Rewritten!

cpripblog - 6

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