Rewritten Blogs #9 – Medivel Part Quest #3 [1/3]

Greetings Brothers,

The Medievil Party has recently just begun. If you head to the Pool, which is located in The Plaza, you will see three quests. This is a walk-through for Quest #3, which is located next to the ladder to The Plaza.

The first stage you willΒ find the designated pearls ranging from Red, Blue and Yellow three times to move on to the next one.

rewrittenblogs - 1

The second stage you have two find which cloIt goes from Red –> Blue –> Yellow, an you’ve completed the puzzle.

rewrittenblogs - 2

The last stage is where you have to fight the three Dragons [Also Known As The Three Hydras].

rewrittenblogs - 4.PNG

And there, you have now completed the third quest.Β Even though the third quest is harder than those two quests.

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