Welcome to Bandit Brothers of Club Penguin Rewritten!

What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is a kid-friendly game that was first opened in 2005. During that time, Rsnail [RocketSnail] owned that game. Then later, RocketSnail sold Club Penguin to Disney. Disney owned Club Penguin for about a year until they announced Club Penguin willΒ SHUT DOWN on MARCH 29th, 2017.

After Club Penguin was announced that they would be shutting down on Jan. 31st, 2017, a new site called Club Penguin Rewritten. Club Penguin Rewritten was created on Feb. 2017.

What are Club Penguin Armies?

[sources are gathered from cparmycentral.com]

Club Penguin Armies are massive groups that were formed in the year of 2006. The first known war of Club Penguin Armies were the The Color Wars. The event was held on August 4, 2006.

How do Club Penguin Armies Work?

Club Penguin Armies work by using tactics. These tactics include J-Bombs, In-Game Emojis, and Word Tactics.

J-Bomb can be done in 2 different ways. One that is, you J-Bomb by scattering all over the whole room, and one that is, J-Bombing in a tactical line.

Emojis Tactics are just simple. During in a training, battles etc… army leaders can assign random emojis to do on Club Penguin.

Word Tactics is when you have to type in a certain catchphrase down in the chat bar. One example is “WHEN DARKNESS FALLS”, “SHINE TO VICTORY!”, “*Opposing Army Name* FAILS”, and “ICE POWER”.


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